Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Haro - Midschool Zippo and Revo Differences

Last October, I picked up a '99 Haro Zippo and a '98 Revo...both from Cleveland. Before I sold the Revo, I went through both bikes and noted every difference possible for academic and educational purposes.


ZIPPO – ZI-L9D2676 (blue) 1999
REVO - KH8B1281 (red) 1998

Both have Haro logo cut out (the one between top tubes)
Revo has brake guide under top tube.
Zippo has 990 mounts and cable guides on downtube.
Zippo is 4130 Chromoly
Revo is HiTen
Zippo Has sharp angles on twin top tube.
Zippo rear dropouts are different than Revo.  Zippo has rounded / teardrop bottom that follows a peg.
Revo dropouts are less obvious and more conservative. Sharp angles below chain stays.
Emblem behind bottom bracket is welded on top of the chainstays on the Revo and in the middle of the chainstays on the Zippo.
Revo has two moisture holes on the twin top tubes directly behind the head tube.

1999 ZIPPO

4130 Chromoly.
Haro logo is cut out between top tubes.
Has 990 mounts on chainstays.
Brake cable guides on downtube.
Haro emblem between chainstays sits in the middle of chain stay tubes rather than welded on top.
Twin top tube bends are sharper than Revo.
Rear dropouts have rounded teardrop on bottom end.

1998 REVO

1024 Steel
Brake cable guide on top tube
No 990 mounts.
Haro logo is cut out between top tubes.
top tube bends are smoother on Revo. Zippo bends are sharper.

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